©Photo Courtesy of Blackwing Foundation

The Right of Publicity gives public personalities greater control over the commercial use of their likeness.  The ability to exploit the identities of others without permission is increasing with rapidly expanding digital and technological advances.

A confusion in the state laws, and in many cases no laws at all, as well as a misunderstanding of trademarks and the protections they offer, extends little if any protections for the right of publicity. Even where there are laws, in their current state, they are not adequate enough to stop the abuse.

The Artists Rights Coalition believes that the time for national, uniform protection is long past due, and it is imperative that a proactive campaign be undertaken to shape the debate over this important issue.  ARC believes that uncompensated exploitation of another person’s image is losing the United States billions of dollars in taxable revenue each year, and that utilizing the collective influence of it’s membership is the most effective strategy to achieve meaningful, fair federal protections.

We thus seek to enact a Federal Right of Publicity to protect the creative community and fairly compensate them for their work.