©Photo Courtesy of Blackwing Foundation

The onslaught of the theft of intellectual property is the single greatest threat to the creative community.  The Artists’ Right’s Coalition seeks to help artists in all mediums navigate the shifting sands of copyright law in the digital age.

As the law stands, the onus is on the artist to police the web for violations of their rights and send the host site a “notice and takedown” under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Facing this challenge alone can be daunting, expensive, and time consuming while often being ineffective. The courts have also handed down confusing and erroneous decisions regarding copyright terminations under the federal statute, which has created a chilling effect upon the right to reclaim copyrights. There are many cases winding their way through the courts regarding the question of what is and what is not a work for hire.

We hope to provide artists with valuable resources as they struggle to protect their rights, and by doing so, discourage infringers, interlopers and host sites from profiting from stolen content.