You cannot say you support the arts unless you support the Artists’ right to support themselves.
-Thomas Steinbeck
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©Photo Courtesy of Blackwing Foundation

The Artists Rights Coalition will provide guidance to locate low or no cost legal representation to artists who cannot afford an attorney in their journey to protect their intellectual properties, creations and identities against unauthorized exploitation.

We also intend to publicize and support key issues that affect the artistic community through both selective issue lobbying (which will use less than 20% of each fiscal year’s budget in accordance with 501h regulations) as well as crafting publications to better educate both the public and our membership on the potential impact of upcoming legislation.

We will also work to provide amicus and financial support to parties litigating key battleground cases in all areas of concern for artists.  If left unsupported, individual litigants can be overwhelmed by the costs and pressures imposed upon them, more often than not, by their often better-funded counterparties.

This support is essential to our mission as the cases we select have the potential to set damaging precedent for artists generations to come.

Our areas of focus that most impact artists are TrademarkCopyright, and Right of Publicity.